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One of the funniest things to do in Busan, South Korea, is to go to dinner. Coupled with its beautiful scenery, friendly people and good food, it is the perfect destination for anyone who wants it all. It is often visited by adventure and relaxation travelers, but also by people interested in a bit of both.

If you decide not to cram yourself with delicious food during your visit to Busan, check out our list of 50 things to do in Busans. You can take a walk in the park, relax on the beach or visit South Korea's grocery stores.

At this point in the list, it is obvious that Busan and South Korea in general have a large number of different markets. The following points 1 - 6 are specific to Busans, while 7 - 15 are common to all South Koreans.

From street vendors to large restaurants, the price of food in Korea is exactly what it says on the bill: 1,000 won ($1.50) per kilogram.

And when we talk about delicious, cheap food in Busan, there are many cheap, delicious Korean food that you have to have in Busan. This is easily one of the best Korean food experiences you'll have in Busans, and you'll have to die for it. The peaceful environment is only enhanced by the delicious food and peaceful atmosphere of this small town in the heart of South Korea. And this is another "Korean food experience" "you must - have - for - your - top - Korean - food - experience - must - be - had in Busan: the K - pop.

This strange dish is easily one of the best "Korean food" "You must - have - for - your - top - Korean - food - experience - must - have - in - Busan," and it is easily my favorite. This is another dish that has taken me to gastronomic heaven, and this is "the best Korean food you need to have for your" Korean experience "in Busans. While we continue our journey to South Korea, where we talk about vegan food in Seoul, there are plenty of vegan dishes to enjoy in Busan.

Samgyetang is popular in South Korea, and Busan is no exception, with its age - old restaurants serve it in all sorts of delicious ways, such as chobap, kimchi, bibimbap and even bok choy. Without doubt, one of the best "Korean foods" one must have for one's top position - Korean - to eat - to have - to have - to have - in - busan "is to eat chobsap. Although it is touted as a healthy food in South Korea, samgyatang can be delicious.

To get your fill of sashimi-style seafood, make sure you try one of the generous portions offered in Busan. There are many restaurants that are suitable for your budget, and there are a number of restaurants in the city that are known for their delicious seafood and a wide selection of other delicious dishes. The main shopping and restaurant area of the city, Gwanghwamun Park, is a culinary paradise for guests.

Remember that a dish is very popular in Busan restaurants, which typically complement it with numerous banchan (see 10 below). If you want to try Busan and other Korean dishes, reserve a seat at one of the many restaurants in Gwanghwamun Park.

If you want to see more of the country, read our guide to South Korea from Seoul to Tokyo alone. We had a trip organized and funded by the Korea Tourism Organization and how we spent 8 days in Korea itself, perfect.

Now we want to explore where we can eat in Busan and how we spent 48 hours eating in Busan below. The attractions and food we ate in Busan can be found in our guide, what you need to eat and what to do in 3 days inbusan.

We strongly recommend you download the Naver Maps app to navigate Busan and the rest of South Korea. If you want to visit other major cities, be sure to check out our Seoul, Busans and Jeju city guides. You can also download maps from Navaver to bypass buses to and from all other cities on the South Korean peninsula.

Seoul is one of the largest cities in the world and has a food supply that can compete with any destination in Asia. Busan, South Korea's second largest city, has so much to offer that you can only imagine what it has to offer if you come from other parts of North Korea. You might want to consider it your gateway to the beautiful cities of South Korea, because the train system in South Korea is a great way to get anywhere without taking a train or going anywhere.

More About Pusan

More About Pusan